Vibora - Zaldi Beltza

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Víbora is a band formed in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, at the beginning of 2018. They are characterized by their intense and emotional hardcore with diverse influences from genres such as screamo, metalcore or crust.

After publishing Botánica in 2021, they have toured throughout spanish state as well as Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Re- public and Switzerland. At the end of 2022 they published the split EP with Crossed titled PENA.

Zaldi Beltza is the first LP by Vibora which comes after the EP Botánica (2021) and the split with Crossed PENA (2022).

The album is based on the relationship of each self with anxiety and depression. Each song recounts a specific moment lived in the period of a year referring thoughts or places to which depres- sive processes take us. The name ‘Zaldi Beltza’ (Black Horse in Basque) is a symbol of the strength and weight that mental health exerts on oneself.

The album was produced and mixed by Borja Perez at Cal Pau in october of 2022 and mastered by Victor García at Ultramarinos Costabrava.

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