Fermium - Between Nothing and Always

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FERMIUM is an enigma.

In November 2021 they appeared on the scene with their self-titled EP, produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta), then in 2022 they directly gave their live debut at Fusion. Where this band came from so suddenly - no one really knew, but one thing was certain: for a long time, Existentialism didn't sound so breathtaking, as especially all those can testify who have been lucky enough to have caught the band at one of their rare live gigs since then. Quite naturally, they seem to redefine what's musically possible with such supposedly rote genres as hardcore, doom or industrial - and are surprisingly catchy every now and then, without ever losing any of their heaviness. The diversity of musical influences is less surprising when you look at the bands in which the musicians involved have already been involved, such as Svffer, Der Ringer and Ashes of Pompeii - musical blinkers are quite obviously undesirable here. In their press photos, the faces of the band can only be seen alienated, which can definitely be understood as a statement: In this project, the music is in the foreground, the members are to be understood as part of the collective.

With their new record, FERMIUM create a dance on the razor's edge: to clearly draw the existential abyss and yet find peace in the face of this abyss. The record's highlights, such as "There Was A Light" and "Pale Rust", which are difficult to categorise in one genre, are always fused with long drone interludes to form a coherent whole that takes the listener by the hand and will remain in the memory for a long time.

100 x Pink with purple and white splatter Vinyl
350gsm Cover
Polylined Innersleeves
incl. Postcard

Shirt: Red and white print on Black STANLEY/STELLA - Rocker Shirts - available in S-XXL.

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