Neànder - Eremit

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Only one and a half year after releasing its debut; instrumental collective neànder returns with a new album via Through Love Records due October 9th followed by extensive touring.

'eremit' is the follow up to the bands' critically acclaimed self-titled debut that was truely a monument to heavy music. "Proof that there's beauty in melancholy is the instrumental soundscape neànder by Germans of the same name" RnR Magazine (UK) wrote in its 'Best of 2019' feature. Rolling Stone scored 4 out of 5 stars and named the 4-pieces' sound 'a dead black moonscape'.

neànder continue to evolve their very own blend of heavy music that draws on musical elements of doom, ambient and black metal. A bleak and desolate atmosphere casts its shadow on 'eremit'. The foursome cuts a dark crystal playing with variations of light and shade. „We wanted to dig deeper into our own sound. As a result the riffs are slower and heavier than before and the epic parts are way more intense“ says the band. „This album is all about finding your indentity. Figure out who you are and then head out for the next chapter“ says Jan Korbach. „We wrote our first album over a period of three years, but this one only took 6 months. And this really sticks it all together.“

The drums were recorded in Berlin at the studio of Christoph Barthelt of Kadavar. Jan Oberg produced and mixed the over 40 minutes long monolith at Hidden Planet Studios Berlin: „'eremit' shows a band dive into their own cosmos, it's truely a voyage from first to last“ he says. Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) mastered the album in Stockholm: "It was pure joy working on this very powerful and yet dynamic album trying to get the music forward in the most flattering way. Highly recommended album!"

Bio: neànder consists of musos from Blackgazers Ånd, Hardcore Punks Patsy O' Hara, Berlin Sludgers Earth Ship and live band members from Indie outfit Casper. Shortly after releasing its debut in 2019 the band headed out for 4 weeks lasting tour playing shows and festivals with artists such as Pelican (US), Inter Arma (US) or Big Business (US).

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