We Had A Deal - Counting Leaves

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WE HAD A DEAL love to write conceptual records. Their last LP “Dialectics” (2012) was one of the most consistent Germany Hardcore/Screamo records of recent times, mostly because of its sophisticated thematic outline.

The bands most recent approach to their unique philosophy is the release of an EP-series. “Counting Leaves” is the substantial follow up to the band’s split 7-inch with US-screamo band COMA REGALIA that was released last year. “Counting Leaves” is segmented by two chapters framing the records common theme: positive pessimism, an attempt to cope with an alleged powerlessness caused by the more and more preposterous world we’re living in. With a sound that’s somewhere in between intense screamo, melodic hardcore and the extensive use of delay-guitars WE HAD A DEAL are raging through these seven well thought through songs – at least there’s an interlude to reprieve.

“Counting Leaves” is being released worldwide as a 12” EP on clear vinyl with a silkscreened B-side. The special preorder version of this record features an additional silkscreen printed and handnumbered cardboardcover.


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