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This is our HIDDEN GEMS PACKAGE II. This is limited to 20 - when it's gone it's gone. The package includes the 9 records listed below PLUS ONE TLR release of your choice for free (Vinyl, CD, Merch).

What to do:
Put this item in your cart, chose the item you want in addition for free in our store (no bundles - if you chose a bundle your order get's cancelled!) and use the discount code "HIDDENGEMS" at the check out.

We have another HIDDEN GEMS PACKAGE I. If you chose both packages you can chose TWO TLR releases of your choice for free. The discount code is the same "HIDDENGEMS" at the check out.

International customers:
As it's 10 records in total, the shipping price is rather high. Unfortunately we can't do anything about it.

This package includes the following records:

  1. Radjuret - Radjuret 12" LP
  2. Wild Cat Strike - Rhubarb Nostalgia 12" LP
  3. Dialects - Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other 12" LP
  4. Our Ceasing Voice - When The Headline Hit Home 12" DLP
  5. Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November 12" LP
  6. Agent Bla - Morning Thoughts 12" LP
  7. Kala - Synthesis 12" LP
  8. Tomorrow, St. Peter - s/t 12" LP
  9. Faux - Inhale 12" LP

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