Nidare - Von Wegen

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As of 2019, several members all coming from different Berlin based post metal, screamo and hardcore outlets (such as Ancst, Henry Fonda, Ast, Chambers, Afterlife Kids, rýr, Youth Cult) decided to form a band to combine all these different experiences and emotions to channel them within the post black metal project called “Nidare” (derived from the old German word “nidar” which means “below”). The sound of the band is constituted by catchy melodic, yet challenging riffs that cover atmospheric black metal, screamo as well as post metal styles, all played upon blast beat driven drums that are still not afraid to go doomy. 

Nidare released their first DIY recorded demo in 2019, quickly followed by a 4-way-split-release with Welk, Argon and Lazar. Despite the terrible pandemic that hit all of us in 2020, the band managed to play a couple of first shows in 2020 to present their music in an immersive live environment (of course they complied with the regulations at the time). Around the same time the band recorded their first full-length LP called “Von Wegen” which will be released on vinyl end of 2022 via Through Love Records.

FFO: Deafheaven, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Altar Of Plagues

100 x black/white swirl LP incl. screen printed protection sleeve [sold out]

25 x black/white swirl
200 x black LP
500 x DIGI CD

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