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four friends hanging out in a room without any natural light, smoking way too many cigarettes and overeating on pizza. that’s how younger us started at some point back in 2013 and that’s exactly what younger us are two years later today. after the first few rehearsals Jan Kreuer (vocals), Manuel Neufeld (guitar), Felix Froehlich (Bass) & Mario Homm (drums) already had a short but solid set of songs. after recording two of these for their demo tape „II“, which was (& still is) available for free on bandcamp and saw a physical release of around 50 cds in a spray painted diy-sleeve, younger us immediately started playing shows. with just a handfull of regional shows they managed to play some bigger shows all around southern germany, including supports for war from a harlots mouth, der weg einer freiheit, turnstile or fjørt. the next step soon followed in spring 2014 with a small run of shows across italy together with their friends in century. after returning back home to stuttgart & having finished a couple of new songs younger us went on to record their debut ep graustark. recordings were done in a friends basement together with the band’s close friends Philipp Koch (Heisskalt), who produced and recorded the ep, & Manuel Brueller, who helped out with technical questions. within 4 days, all instrumentals had been recorded and it took another 3 days to lay down vocals. after the recordings, jay maas (defeater) took action in the mastering at getaway recordings in boston, ma. the result is a 6 song debut ep, that is released on a one sided 12“ with a beautifully screen-printed b side and comes in a hand screened sleeve with riso inlay, with a mixture of hardcore, grunge, crust and just a tiny bit of sludge that doesn’t lack melody but always remains dark and heavy.
This record is out on September 18th and comes as a result of DIY:
clear vinyl, screen printed cover, screenprinted B-Side.
This is a bundle available in 2 editions containing:
100 x black edition (comes with a black printed B-Side)
400 x gold edition (comes with a gold printed B-Side)
a GRAUSTARK shirt (Gildan // S-XL)

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