Tennis System - Autophobia

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Written and recorded entirely during the pandemic, 'Autophobia' is Tennis System's first new full-length since 2019's 'Lovesick' and marks a thrilling new chapter and a logical shift in sound for the project, led by guitarist/vocalist Matty Taylor.

Written and produced with Johnson (a friend since he and Taylor toured together in 2017) and mixed and mastered by Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Basement, Spice), 'Autophobia' is a departure from expectation for Tennis System, an auspicious embrace of the moment, and for Taylor, a confrontation of his fear of failing as a solo artist.

Rather than a failure, 'Autophobia' is nothing short of a wildly catchy and moving album. Tennis System’s most personal offering, it is minimalist and vocals-driven, the unlikely bedroom project of a feral live musician -- music to memorialize a lost year. With Johnson, Taylor veered from the scuzzy guitars and pummeling drums he’s known for, instead weaving synth and drum machines with live drums and guitar -- and even the hum of a swarm of bees -- to form a tapestry of textured soundscapes unlike anything he’d created before. “Writing these songs without a band let me make music without having to meet anyone’s expectations but my own,” says Taylor. In unprecedented times, “I focused on making the record I wanted to make.”

To be released through Quiet Panic Records (US). 

The last Album "Lovesick" was in our private Top 5 List in 2019 so we're very very happy to offer you an exclusive edition of "Autophobia".

150 x Clear with orange and light blue splatters [TLR Exclusive]

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